10 Signs You’re Living Your Best Life

One of the deepest-rooted desires that we have as humans is to live a fulfilled and happy life. Yet living in a highly digitized world makes it far too easy to lose touch with the things that truly matter. Perfect homes, relationships and faces featured on daily social media feeds drive the desire for bigger, better and “more impressive” lives in an effort to “keep up.”


  • One of the deepest-rooted desires that we have as humans is to live a fulfilled and happy life. True happiness comes from within—not material items.
  • Prioritizing self-care, being mindful and living in a place of gratitude are a few of the top ways to live your best life.
  • When you’re open to trying new things, helpful to others, aren’t held back by self-doubt or criticism, and wake with energy, you know that you’re living the good life.
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Reality check: true happiness comes from within. An inner state of peace and acceptance is what brings abundance, not material items. Furthermore, people that are living their best, happiest lives are in-tune with their innermost needs and carve out time to honor them every single day

Here are the top signs that you’re living your best life:

  1. You prioritize your health – you only have one body and one life. By eating healthy, staying active, engaging in positive relationships and building in time for rest, you nourish yourself from the inside out. When you feel good, you have the energy to stay motivated to achieve your highest desires.
  2. You go after what you want – with self-care comes self-love and an internal knowing that nothing is out of reach. You don’t settle for just mediocre, because you know that you deserve more. You dream big and pursue every opportunity that has potential to get you closer to your goals.
  3. You let go of limiting beliefs – when you release self-doubt and the feelings of being unworthy and incapable, you are no longer held back from achieving your innermost desires.
  4. You have a daily gratitude practice – no matter where you are in life, there is always something to be grateful for. Taking time every morning to appreciate the positive aspects of your life will set the tone for your day and allow you to live at a higher vibration. Celebrate your achievements, positive traits, and family and friends rather than focusing on what’s missing.
  5. You are mindful – instead of just going through the motions, you stay present and appreciate all of the moments, good AND bad. Too often, people spend their time stuck in the past or worrying about the future which prevents them from actually LIVING.
  6. You love yourself – nobody is perfect and our flaws are truly what make us beautiful. When you accept and own your differences, you truly shine. Love is the highest energetic vibration and being in this state attracts other high-vibe people, opportunities and elements into your life like a magnet!
  7. You don’t settle for toxic relationships – when you’re living your best life, you have no time or tolerance for condescending, negative or verbally abusive people. This applies to friends, romantic partners, and even family members. When you release people from your life that no longer serve you, you make space for new, more fulfilling relationships.
  8. You get out of your comfort zone often – routine is safe, but limiting because it keeps you stuck. New experiences and challenges are the catalyst for growth. Rotate workouts, explore new areas, volunteer, attend more functions and talk to people along the way. Saying “yes” can open doors to opportunities that you may have never even imagined possible.
  9. You give back – contributing to others creates a sense of personal meaning. Although it’s important to be selfish at times, true happiness is achieved when being of service. Everything is energy and we thrive on connection; therefore, when you give, you also receive.
  10. You have energy – waking in the morning with energy and excitement for the day reflects an inner state of peace and zest for life. When you’re living a life that you’re proud of and being true to yourself, you have self-love. Remember, love is the highest energetic vibration, so more love, joy and inner peace = more energy.

When you’re living your best life, you exude confidence, create opportunities and give off an energy that’s hard to deny. By prioritizing self-care, living in a place of gratitude, taking advantage of new opportunities, going after what you want and being of service to others, you’ll be able to show up more fully in this world. Although everyone experiences highs and lows, life is too short to not feel your best a majority of the time.

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