5 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sneaky Sugars

Americans are addicted to sugar. Two hundred years ago, the average American ate 2 pounds of sugar a year; today, the average is 150 pounds of sugar per person per year—that’s a whopping 44 teaspoons a day! The problem with sugar is the more you have, the more you want. As the primary driver of hunger, cravings and weight gain, sugar is also incredibly inflammatory and contributes to everything from joint pain and arthritis to nerve cell damage, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer and many other chronic conditions.


  • The average American consumes 44 teaspoons of sugar a day and a whopping 150 pounds of sugar each year.
  • Sugar is highly inflammatory, drives hunger and cravings, and contributes to joint pain, weight gain, arthritis, nerve cell damage, heart disease, high cholesterol and more.
  • Sneaky sugars can be found in everything from your store-bought green juices and coffee drinks to salad dressings, sauces and even dark chocolate.
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Whether you identify as a sweet lover or not, sugar is in everything! Nearly impossible to avoid, this texture-enhancing and highly addictive substance is not just in cookies, candies and treats; it also sneaks into everyday items such as sauces and dressings, nut butters, and dried fruit (which is already sweet enough!).

Here are our top tips for avoiding sneaky and hidden sugars:

  1. Be wary of your breakfast choices – from pancakes and waffles to bagels, cereal and granola, the typical American breakfast packs in a LOT of sugar. Even that store-bought smoothie or “green juice”, which you’re drinking to be “healthy”, can flood your body with more than 3 times the recommended amount of sugar to have in one sitting.

Balancing your blood sugar first thing in the morning with a low sugar, high protein breakfast is essential for stabilizing mood, energy levels, hunger and cravings all day long. Set yourself up for success by trying our Superfood Smoothies. Available in 8 different varieties, these are well-balanced with healthy fat, fiber and protein, plus collagen, prebiotics and probiotics, for good gut health, immunity, glowing skin, weight loss and MORE!


  1. Check sauce labels – condiments are notoriously loaded with sugar, sodium, flavoring agents and other chemicals. We recommend checking the nutrition label on store-bought varieties such as salad dressings, BBQ sauce, ketchup and marinara before purchasing and/or make your own.

Looking for a better store-bought brand? We’ve got you covered! Our homemade Sauces and Relishes are low in sugar and carbs, 100% organic, and made without junky ingredients. Use them atop our Veggie Burgers, eggs, avocado toast or a piece of Wild-Caught Fish for a health-forward sauce that doesn’t compromise flavor for nutrition.


  1. Eat foods in their purest form – when something that naturally contains fat (i.e. yogurt, ice cream, cookies) is made “fat-free” or a food that naturally contains gluten (i.e. bread, crackers, pastries) is altered to be gluten-free, sugar is often the first ingredient added to compensate for the change in flavor and texture.

We encourage you to eat real foods in their whole form, such as full-fat yogurt, cream and salad dressings; brown rice and whole grains instead of breads, pastas, etc.; and fresh fruit instead of fruit juice, jams or jellies. For more real food options that are quick and easy, low in sugar, gluten-free, and made with clean ingredients, explore our Kitchen Market menu!


  1. Skip the specialty coffee shop drinks – from vanilla lattes to mocha frappuccinos, the average specialty coffee drink has 30-40 grams of sugar! That, combined with the stimulating effect of caffeine, can easily lead to the infamous 10am and 3pm (energy and mood) crash.

Get your caffeine fix with a better brew by shopping our selection of Adaptogenic Functional Lattes and Coffee Drinks. With less than 10 grams of sugar per beverage, our Matcha (green tea) and Lavender Vanilla Café Lattes are 100% organic, made with our homemade cashew milk, and contain USDA certified organic, mycotoxin-free coffee for a stomach-friendly alternative to the traditional cup of Joe.


  1. Don’t trust that dark chocolate is always healthier – although dark chocolate is promoted as a heart-healthy, mood-boosting superfood, not all is created equal. Many dark chocolate bars on the market have 15 (or more) grams of sugar per serving and are lacking the high cacao (raw chocolate) content needed to truly be considered “healthy”.

Satisfy your sweet tooth, while boosting brain power, mood, energy and digestion with our assortment of dark chocolates. Made with 70% cacao content dark chocolate and a dash of cayenne pepper, our Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters are the perfect balance of sweet, savory and crunchy. Our line of Adaptogenic Chocolate Bars are keto-friendly and sugar-free with the added benefit of hormone-balancing adaptogens. Finally, our Dark Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites— made from a blend of dried fruit, dark chocolate and coconut—are a great pre-workout snack or treat on-the-go that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!


Although sugar sneaks up in the most unsuspecting places, now that you know where to look for it, you will be well-equipped to make better choices moving forward. Whether you are looking for a more sustaining breakfast or healthier coffee drink, we have you covered at Nourished! Stop in to shop our Kitchen Market Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm—no call ahead required.


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