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Homegrown From an Idea

Nourished® is founded on the idea that eating healthy and living naturally should be easier than our culture makes it out to be. We desired a space in which to simplify wholesome cooking, teach proper nutrition and jumpstart change through mind and body.

So we renovated a 120-year-old farmhouse in historic downtown Hinsdale to create a unique experience where you can prepare healthy cuisine, learn a holistic approach to wellness, and renovate your own mind and body to live a life well nourished.

We invite you to stop in to shop, chat or take a class—we hope you’ll feel welcomed and inspired every time you walk through our “green door.”

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Our Team

Kathy Napleton

Kathy Napleton

Founder & Wellness Chef, CNC CNTP


While I enjoyed many years in the corporate world with rewarding experiences, my roots were always in the kitchen. It’s this love for food and cooking led to my next chapter: cooking school in Chicago and New York, where I studied to become a natural foods chef (CNC). But there was still more to learn. It wasn’t just about cooking delicious food—it was about eating the right foods to sustain real health and vitality.

This led me to study holistic nutrition at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver and achieve certification as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP). Today, my desire is to bring awareness to the simplicity of cooking food as medicine—to lead you back in the kitchen and share with you the pleasures of real food to live a deliciously healthy and vital life.

Lauren Mandarino

Lauren Mandarino

Director of Operations & Business Development


My relationship with food hasn’t always been great. For the majority of my life, I ate the wrong things. Not on purpose—I just didn’t know better. Coincidentally, I never felt well either. After graduation from Indiana University, things only escalated as a young working professional. Coupled with stress and lack of sleep, my standard American diet led to weight gain as well as skin and digestive problems, and I knew I needed a change.

While working for a food packaging design agency, I became aware of consumers’ demand for healthier food options. This awareness sparked a change to my lifestyle: eating to live. Shifting my purchasing decisions to real food and more natural home and body care products, I turned my health around. It’s this path that motivated me to pursue a career in helping others to take back their own health—and it’s the journey I’m on today.

Taylor Wessel

Taylor Wessel, MNT

Master Nutrition Therapist


My interest in nutrition and natural living peaked at an early age. As a young adult, I developed a wholesome lifestyle but I yearned for a better understanding of how food affected my body. This inclination toward healthy living led me to Boulder where I studied kinesiology at the University of Colorado. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I took my education a step further to study holistic nutrition at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. After completing the two-year program, I achieved my Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT) certification.

Closing in on graduation, I studied under various dietitians, collaborated with nutritionists on two different books and practiced nutrition in a hospital, doctors’ offices and private practices. Through my studies and personal exploration of different diets, workouts and lifestyle factors, I was able to truly heal. This journey, along with my passion for research and client interaction, led me to where I am today.

Lauren Schumaker

Chef Instructor


I took my first cooking class as a kid after receiving it as a gift, and I absolutely loved it. When the time came for me to look for an after-school job, I crossed my fingers and applied at the cooking school where I had taken my first class. I got the job, stayed for several years and learned a ton. I went off to college at Saint Louis University intending to study nutrition and dietetics with a culinary emphasis, but a change of plans led me to occupational science instead.

After graduating, I realized it was food that truly made me happy and moved home to attend culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. I then followed that up with a Masters in Journalism from the University of Georgia. I’ve since combined bits and pieces from all my experiences to do what I do now—write about food, health and lifestyle topics, work on social media and much more.

Tracy Brunette

Kid’s Culinary Instructor


My love of food and cooking started young—reading cookbooks like fiction, subscribing to every cooking magazine, and eating fresh-picked tomatoes from our garden was all part of my childhood and teenage years. This passion stayed true throughout my 20s, where I enjoyed cooking for friends in college and hosting elaborate dinner parties. In my early 30s, I started shifting what I cooked to accommodate for my family’s dietary restrictions including my own new-found vegetarianism. In time, we all started feeling better, which lead me to research more on health and wellness. I discovered the power of homeopathy and using organic sustainable foods as medicine. With several food intolerances, I worked with a nutritionist to repair my son’s gut. Making healthy food that tasted good became my main mission for my family.

Happy to say, my son’s allergies are now minimal—such a true testament to the importance of what we put in our bodies. As part of the Nourished team, I’m surrounded by like-minded professionals and able to share my love of healthy food and cooking with others. More importantly, I get to help in the movement of teaching people that food really can heal!

Coleen Blouin

Chef Assistant


I have always been excited about food—to be around it, cook it and eat it. As a little girl, I helped my mother and grandmother work in their gardens, full of beautiful fruits and vegetables that were naturally all organic back then. Once I was old enough to work, it was a requirement to help out in our family restaurant. My favorite part was being in the kitchen with the chef, learning different culinary techniques. In a sense, this brought out the “chef” in me.

As years passed, my passion for food and cooking continued to grow. I enjoyed dining out with family and friends at different restaurants and recreating our favorite dishes at home. Food not only brought us together, but it gave me a creative outlet that I have never let go of. Today, I’m still in my happy place! My position at Nourished has taught me the importance of using real food as nourishment and incorporates things close to my heart—healthy delicious cooking, valuable lifestyle information and being surrounded by the best of the best.

Proud Member

National Association of Nutrition Professionals
International Association of Wellness Professionals
The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Chicago Food & Nutrition Network
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Did you know?

  • Adding cinnamon to your food or drink helps control blood sugar and reduce inflammation.

  • Egg yolks are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, a natural immunity booster.

  • Peppermint essential oil is invigorating and activates brain function.

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