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  • “What a fabulous experience at Nourished! Kathy and her team were outstanding at our “Body beautiful” lunch and learn. We had a delicious meal, learned some important health info, but more importantly I am applying some tips at home and notice a difference!”

  • “Nourished classes and staff are very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the importance of eating clean for your health. Their classes teach you everyday ways of cooking and how to prepare foods to get the most health benefits from your food.”

  • “Endless options of pre-made/processed food certainly make it challenging to uncover wholesome ingredients BUT this class left me feeling empowered to make better lifestyle choices and simple everyday swaps to help improve my family’s health.”

    MARY M
  • “They teach you useful and practical tips on food and nutrition, and how to make even little changes that anyone can do for better health. This was the BEST afternoon. It was fun and interactive and we got to enjoy a delicious and nutritious organic lunch!”

  • “For the last few years I have been taking cooking classes focusing on healthy eating trying to feel like I had a solid foundation for cooking and the Boot Camp was instrumental in helping me turn the corner.”

  • “Not only was ‘From Junk Food to Superfood’ eye opening and informative but the Health & Wellness Chef prepared a delicious meal for the class paired with the season’s freshest ingredients.”

    MARY L
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Nutrition & Detox

  • “I have never felt healthier, stronger or more balanced. In just three short months, I have already lowered my cholesterol levels from 300 to 225! Taylor is a game changer and someone everyone should be blessed to know.”

  • “I started my sessions with the Nutrition Coach. To my surprise, I am now resting better and wake with more energy! I suffer from chronic pain so this is groundbreaking for me! Looking forward to my next session!”

  • “The grocery store tour was so interesting I didn’t want it to end! Another big plus for me was convenience. Living in the city, I took the train to Hinsdale and it dropped me off three blocks away!”

  • “The knowledge Kathy and her team have is incredible! Once struggling with extreme digestive issues, I now have my diet under control and still enjoy everything I eat.”

    DAN R

Other Praise & Experiences

  • “If I could pass on the Portillo’s chocolate cake after using the Crack Your Cravings aromatherapy inhaler, then you know it REALLY works!”

  • “I had a hard time sleeping at night at college, and came in and got products (lavender spray, inhaler, and magnesium spray) to help me sleep. I have never slept so well before. I have a deep sleep, and have vivid dreams! This is my favorite place to buy these types of products!”

  • “If you want to have a delicious and educational evening, grab your besties and sign up for one of the many offerings (they also offer lunch and learns!) Be sure to wander upstairs and check out the aromatherapy room and gift shop.”

  • “Kathy the owner and Lauren, Shannon and the other lovely and knowledgeable staff make the trip (not too bad) from downtown to Hinsdale well worth it – the appetizers don’t hurt either.”

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