seasonal allergy relief

Seasonal Allergies: Natural Routes to Relief

Spring: a time when plants start blooming, animals come out of hibernation and the earth reawakens. While longer days and warmer temperatures are eagerly awaited, according to natural medicine doctor and nutritionist Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, an estimated 40 to 60 million people dread this time of year due to seasonal allergies. Whether it be wheezing and congestion or breathing...
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clean eating kitchen

National Nutrition Month: 6 Tips for a Healthier You

March is National Nutrition Month – a good opportunity to refocus on the foods that you’re eating and ultimately fueling your body with. According to Ann Wigmore, an early pioneer in holistic health, “the food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Although food is pleasure, let’s not...
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fad diets

Fad Diets: Love Them or Leave Them?

The American culture centers around bigger, better and faster – which is exactly why fad diets are so popular. These diets offer a targeted weight loss approach, each with different foods to include and avoid in order to achieve goals. Contrary to the low-fat movement of the ‘80s, the most recent diet protocols, including the ketogenic, paleo and Whole30®, push...
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Top 5 Ways to Detoxify EVERY Day

Local residents to Willowbrook and the surrounding area were relieved on Friday, February 15 when the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shut down Willowbrook plant Sterigenics, a global leader in comprehensive sterilization solutions. The shutdown is in response to the plant using hazardous amounts of ethylene oxide, a commonly known carcinogen. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sterigenics was emitting up...
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vitamin D

Beat Cold & Flu and the Winter Blues with ONE Crucial Nutrient

Each year, the winter solstice falls on December 21, a day that’s categorized by the shortest period of daylight and longest stretch of night. As hours of daylight decrease from the summer solstice on June 21, the body’s biological clock, otherwise known as our circadian rhythm, shifts. Even the slightest change to this internal rhythm can cause disruptions in sleep...
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healthy soup

Revive, Reset & Restore with Souping

It’s a well-known fact that the more vegetables you eat, the healthier you will be; the better you eat, the better you will feel. Yet, most Americans fail to eat the recommended two to three cups of vegetables per day, putting them at a greater risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
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seasonal detox

Detox 101: Why You NEED This Healing Practice

“Spring cleaning” of wardrobes and homes is something that many people do systematically. Just as you clear the clutter in your home, you also need to clean the junk from your body!
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Ease Holiday Chaos with Essential Oils

The holiday season is upon us, a time that is filled with laughter, cheer and loved ones. Inevitably, from parties and family gatherings to shopping for presents and food preparation, this time of year easily also becomes easily overbooked and unnecessarily stressful. High stress leads to anxiety, overeating, insomnia, digestive issues and a depressed immune system.
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Nutrition Counseling

How You Can Benefit from Working with a Master Nutrition Therapist

Life is short and whether you realize it or not, the choices you make on a daily basis play a large role in how you feel, look and function. According to natural health advocate Joseph Mercola, more than half of Americans are living with at least one chronic illness. Too many people are suffering on a daily basis, accepting aches,...
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