Superfood Spotlight: Adaptogens

If you’re stressed, fatigued, anxious and/or bloated, adaptogens can help! This unique class of herbs has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to boost the immune system and mitigate the harmful impact of stress on the body. The most remarkable thing about adaptogens is that they have the ability to “adapt” to what the body needs—be it a boost...
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Weight Loss: Top Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Weight loss is a multi-billion-dollar industry. From keto and paleo diets to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, there’s certainly no shortage of weight loss protocols on the market. However, given 95% of dieters regain the amount they lost (and then some) within 3-5 years, “diets” are FAR from a long-term solution.
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Fight Inflammation and Pain with These Daily Rituals

The human body is a self-healing mechanism. With 100 trillion cells that are hard at work 24/7 extracting nutrients from food, detoxifying the junk and repairing damage, the body’s natural inclination is to thrive—we just get in the way! From sleepless nights to an over-reliance on sugar and caffeine, the more we push our bodies, and the less nourishment and...
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strawberry spinach salad

Food Combinations: Maximize Nutrients with These Pairings

Like Romeo + Juliet, Tom + Jerry, and Batman + Robin, some things are just better together. That holds true for food, too! Obvious pairings that may come to mind include salt + pepper and peanut butter + jelly, but these are primarily driven by flavor. Although taste is certainly important, maximizing nutrients is top priority.
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matcha latte

Natural Sun Protection: Diet & Lifestyle Tips for Summer

It’s the heat of summer, and after a cold and dreary winter stretch in the Midwest, it’s only natural to crave as much time outside as possible. After all, fresh air combined with sunshine is a feel-good that naturally energizes and uplifts. Spending more time in nature, as indicative of summer, is nourishing, healing and rebalancing. 
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Plant-Based Diets: Veggie Burger Edition

Americans spend the most on healthcare, yet we’re the sickest nation—how can that be? Considering 98% of us aren’t consuming the minimum requirement of fruits and vegetables each day, it’s no surprise that our health is suffering. In order to remedy this, we MUST start eating more plants. The first step to getting healthy involves increasing the amount of plants,...
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sea salt

Pass the Salt! But Which One?

Since the Industrial Revolution, our diet has taken a dramatic turn from farm to factory. From potato chips to McDonalds® cheeseburgers, foods are now made to be cheap, long lasting and hyperpalatable. The Standard American Diet (SAD), as we now know it, has deviated from all things natural, and is largely comprised of processed, packaged fast food loaded with sodium—a...
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Nourished Detox

What’s the Difference Between a Detox and Cleanse?

Detoxing is trendy—and not just at the turn of the new year! From juice cleanses to water fasting and supplement-based programs, there’s certainly no shortage of cleanse and detox packages available. Alluring to people who’re trying to lose weight, boost brain power, lower inflammation and fight hunger and cravings alike, these plans offer a jump-start to better health, weight loss...
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detoxifying chlorella shot

Superfood Spotlight: Chlorella

If you’re looking to step up your wellness game, look no further than chlorella! This all-natural superfood provides a concentrated dose of nutrients that boost energy, detoxification, immune function, cardiovascular health and weight loss. Plus, chlorella assists in the removal of heavy metals such as lead and mercury from your body—so it truly is a one-stop-shop for wellness!
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