Eco-Atkins Diet: Low Carb Solution for Vegans

From weight loss and craving control to more stabilized moods, energy and hormones, there are many benefits to low carb diets. The downside, however, is the typical low carb program is also meat-centric, thus highly acidic and hard on the digestive system. The more acidity you have, the more aches, pain and inflammation. The good news is there is a much healthier way to lowering your carb intake and it is called the Eco-Atkins Diet.


  • From weight loss and craving control to more stabilized moods, energy and hormones, there are many benefits to low carb diets.
  • The Eco-Atkins Diet is a healthy low carb approach centers around a high intake of vegetables and plant-based proteins.
  • Eco-Atkins is essentially a low carb, vegan diet that encourages an intake of 31% protein, 43% fat and 26% of carbohydrates.
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Promoted as a vegan diet, the Eco-Atkins Diet centers around a heavy intake of low starch vegetables and plant-based proteins (beans, peas, lentils, whole grains, tempeh) while eliminating starchy vegetables such as potatoes and squash, and high-sugar fruit (bananas, pineapple, mango). A ratio of 31% plant proteins, 43% fat and 26% of carbohydrates is encouraged.

One-Day Eco-Atkins Meal Plan:

Breakfast: pasture-raised eggs or organic tempeh (for vegans) with sautéed greens (kale, arugula, spinach, chard, etc.) and avocado slices.

Snack: Adaptogenic Matcha Latte and raw veggies (cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes, endive) with hummus.

Lunch: Buddha Bowl made with a base of quinoa, dark leafy greens and/or roasted veggies, beans, Chipotle-Honey-Lime Vinaigrette and Lime- &- Cumin-Toasted Pepitas.

Snack: Adaptogenic Vegetable Broth and a handful of almonds, walnuts or cashews.

Dinner: Pan-seared wild Alaskan salmon or Veggie Burger (for vegans) with roasted asparagus and brown rice.

Plant-based diets are energizing, brain boosting, alkalizing, cancer fighting, bone strengthening and digestion promoting, but unless properly balanced, you may be missing out on the full spectrum of nutrients. Although we abide by Eco-Atkins principals for the most part, we recommend adding in wild-caught fish and/or pastured-raised eggs at least a couple times per week. These high-quality animal proteins provide your body with B vitamins, vitamin D and omega-3 fats which are essential nutrients for the memory, metabolism, hormones and immune system.

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