Is It Normal To Be Thirsty All The Time?

Your body is always talking to you—but are you listening?

Well-fed, hydrated, rested and supported people have natural energy, sharp minds, strong digestion, uplifted moods and balanced hormones. When these essentials are compromised, symptoms show up. From aches, pain and inflammation to excessive thirst, hunger, and cravings, symptoms act as warning signs drawing attention to deeper issues. If you are feeling any of these, it is important to take a step back, explore the options and take action before small irritations become bigger problems with long-term consequences.


  • From aches and pain to excessive thirst and cravings, symptoms are your body’s way of alerting you to imbalance.
  • If you are constantly thirsty, despite drinking enough water, consider mineral deficiency, extremes in the diet, elevated blood sugar and stress.
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If you are drinking ample amounts of water, yet constantly thirsty, something else may be going on. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. You are dehydrated – either you are truly not drinking enough water or simply are not getting the full spectrum of minerals needed to drive the water you are drinking into your cells. Most Americans are suffering from both!

We recommend drinking ½ your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of filtered water per day. First thing in the morning and on hot, humid days, add a pinch of Celtic sea salt or an electrolyte packet to your filtered water to infuse it with minerals. We sell electrolyte packets that have the full scope of minerals—including magnesium—and vitamin C to energize, support bowel regularity and boost the immune system.


  1. Imbalanced diet – an excessive amount of one food category, be it sweet, spicy or salty, creates imbalance. Your body’s attempt to restore itself will cause you to crave things that flush the excess (aka water) or foods with the opposite properties to neutralize.

Keep your blood chemistry balanced and cravings at bay by eating a well-balanced diet rich in plant-based foods that are not overly spiced or sweetened. From Seasonal Soups and Superfood Smoothies to Veggie Burgers, and Relish & Sauce Toppings, we sell a variety of homemade items in our Kitchen Market that are well-balanced in micronutrients, macronutrients and seasonings.


  1. Your blood sugar is elevated – having elevated glucose, aka sugar, in the bloodstream—as seen with pre-diabetes and diabetes—is a very dangerous condition that your kidneys have to work overtime to correct. Eventually, they get tired and the excess glucose gets pulled into your urine along with fluids from your tissues. The dehydration that results drives the sensation of thirst.

The key to balancing your blood sugar is to include healthy fats, fiber and protein in each of your meals. Not sure how to accomplish this? Schedule a FREE Introductory Call with our Nutritionist!


  1. High stress levels – chronically elevated stress levels can lead to adrenal fatigue, a condition that is often characterized by low blood pressure. Thirst is your body’s attempt to add water into the bloodstream and raise your blood pressure to a more normal level.

We recommend incorporating stress management techniques, such as nature walks, deep breathing, journaling and meditation, into your daily regime to support your adrenal glands and prevent burnout. Keeping your blood sugar balanced with regular mealtimes is also important.

Excessive cravings for anything—be it sugar, salt, spicy food, water or other—are driven by inner imbalance. When you address the root cause (i.e. mineral deficiency, a high-sugar diet, elevated stress), you give the body what it needs to heal and the symptoms should naturally dissipate. If you have additional questions, call 630.You.Well (968.9355) and ask to speak with our Nutritionist.

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