Lunch & Learn Classes

Enjoy an organic meal, while our Nutritionist and Wellness Chef share practical small steps toward creating a healthier life.

Upcoming Afternoon and Evening Classes

Our Nutrition & Wellness team offers a practical approach to living a healthier, more natural life. 

Nourished Table & Home

We’re more than happy to accommodate private groups with your closest friends, family or coworkers! Simply select a date and class, then call us to book it.


What People Are Saying

  • “What a fabulous experience at Nourished! Kathy and her team were outstanding at our ‘Body beautiful’ lunch and learn. We had a delicious meal, learned some important health info, but more importantly I am applying some tips at home and notice a difference!”

    Sarah H.
  • “They teach you useful and practical tips on food and nutrition, and how to make even little changes that anyone can do for better health. This was the BEST afternoon. It was fun and interactive and we got to enjoy a delicious and nutritious organic lunch!”

    Sophie K.
  • “I have been to both a lunch and learn session and a wonderful night time session. I found both very informative with tasty, nutritious healthy food. Also adding to the experience was the boutique upstairs!”

    Kathy M.

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