Clean Eating Meal Plan

Eat Well to Be Well. We Make It Easy!

Fuel for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Out-of-balance eating habits have you feeling heavy and sluggish? This Nutritionist-developed daily plan will guide you to get back on track to progress your wellness goals.

We make a day of clean eating easy. We tell you what to eat (and when!) so you get the proper nutrients at the right times of day. Plus, you have meal options to choose from, so no day gets redundant!

Made in small batches by our Wellness Chefs, all suggested meal plan items are made with 100% organic ingredients. With balanced calories and macronutrients, this plan emphasizes healthy fats, and plant and lean wild-caught proteins. Even better, it’s naturally anti-inflammatory, and free from all artificial ingredients, additives, processed foods and refined sugars.

Highlights of the Plan

100% Organic

Low in Carbs

High in Protein

Gluten & Dairy Free

Low Glycemic

Balanced Macronutrients

No Refined Sugar

No Additives or Preservatives

No Artificial Flavors

Clean Eating at a Glance


Anyone—whether you’re a working professional or stay-at-home parent, if you want guidance on eating healthy, this plan is for you!


Whenever! With different options to keep variety and structure to your weekday eating, we encourage you to make clean eating a part of your daily routine.


Progress toward your health goals, be it weight loss, energy or improved brain power. This plan balances macros and calories, with a strong emphasis on high-protein and low-carb density.


No problem! All of the items recommended on this meal plan are gluten, dairy and nut free (soy-free also available). Vegan or vegetarian? Ask our Nutritionist for alternative menu items.

Suggested Meal Options

Wake-Up Items

Electrolyte pH-Balancing Drink
Antioxidant Gut-Friendly Coffee
Herbal Tea (5 Varieties)




Superfood Smoothie (8 Varieties)

Lunch & Dinner

Wild-Caught Fish (Cod/Salmon)
Sprouted Bean Burger (3 Varieties)
Relish & Sauce Topping (3 Varieties)


Garlic & Ginger Infused Bone Broth
Power Gelatin Shot (3 Varieties)
Grain-Free Seed Crackers (2 Varieties)
Nut & Seed Toppings (3 Varieties)
Dark Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites

All menu options above are organic, including coffee and tea. For more information on these items, please visit our Kitchen Market Menu.

Get Started!

Stop in our Kitchen Market to purchase any of the recommended clean eating foods, or call 630.YOU.WELL for more information.


We’re here for you! Call and speak directly with our Nutritionist—your guide to wellness!