1-Day Clear Liquid Diet

A Healthy Fluid Prep & Recovery Package

Our Nutritionist-developed Clear Liquid Diet is a one-day fluid prep & recovery package that follows the       “clear liquid diet” protocol without all the junk. All easy-to-swallow food items are packed with nutrients and free from processed sugars to support healing and recovery. This Doctor-approved package is also a great option for those prepping for a colonoscopy.

When This Is for You:

Surgery Recovery

Oral/Dental Procedure

Wisdom Teeth/Tonsil Removal

Healthy Prep for Colonoscopy

Swallowing/Chewing Difficulties

Food Poisoning Recovery

Why It Works?
With a focus on prep, recovery and healing, this food package contains all approved clear liquids that are easy to swallow and packed with nutrients. It eliminates the processed sugar overload in a ‘standard’ clear liquid diet, and provides your body with quality protein, antioxidants and potassium, and a healthy dose of vitamin C. 

What You’ll Avoid?
All the junk: artificial food dyes & colorings; artificial flavors & sweeteners; preservatives & inflammatory sugars; tap water & processed table salt; herbicides, pesticides & fungicides; and factory-farmed gelatin

Gluten or Dairy Free? 
No problem! All of the items on this meal package are gluten, dairy, nut and soy free.

Highlights of the Package

Clear Liquid-Based Foods

Non-Irritating & Easy to Swallow

Healing & Nutrient-Dense

100% Organic Ingredients

No Refined Sugar

Rich in Vitamin C

Antibacterial & Antiviral

Antioxidants & Adaptogens

Gluten & Dairy Free

What's Included

Upon Rising

Essential Electrolyte Hydrator Drink


Collagen Protein Pack for Coffee/Tea
Alkalizing Lemon + Herb Bone Broth


Vital-C Pineapple & Coconut Infused GEL-LO Cup


Essential Electrolyte Hydrator Drink
Immune-Boosting Astragalus + Parsley Bone Broth


B-Balanced Apple + Cinnamon GEL-LO Cup


Anti-Inflammatory Allium + Pepper Bone Broth

Before Bed

Calm + Rest Herbal Tea

Optional Extra Support

Energizer Superfood Smoothie
Adaptogenic Vegetable Broth
Flu Bomb

**NOTE: Extra Support Products are not for those using the package for colonoscopy prep**

Get Started!

1-Day Clear Liquid Diet | $65 | No Pre-Order Needed

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