One-Day Immune Boost Package

Boost immunity and support healing with our custom meal package available for daily pickup.

Clean Eating Made Simple!

Our Nutritionist-developed, immune boost meal package is loaded with balanced macronutrients, and adaptogens that help to boost immunity and manage stress. All items are low in sugar and sodium, and made in small batches using 100% organic ingredients.



Run Down & Weak

Seasonal Allergies

Frequent Colds & Flu

Multiple Food Sensitivities

Acute Illness & Infection

Severe Pain & Inflammation

Pre- or post-surgery, in cold + flu season, or during excessive travel or public exposure; also great for teachers, health care workers or anyone who needs a day of clean eating

How Often?
1-2 days per week (prevention + maintenance) / 3+ consecutive days (acute illness)

Why It Works?
This anti-inflammatory meal package contains antioxidants, adaptogens, and special herbs and spices that boost immunity, fight cancer and support deep cellular healing.

What You’ll Gain?
Aside from renewed immunity and feeling nourished, you’ll experience more energy, less sickness and reduced inflammation. 

Gluten or Dairy Free? 
No problem! All of the items on this meal package are gluten, dairy and soy free.

What's Included

Wake-Up Items

Electrolyte pH-Balancing Drink
Adaptogenic Matcha Latte

Breakfast & Snack

Immune Booster Superfood Smoothie
Detoxifying Chlorella Gelatin Shot

Lunch & Snack

Everyday Detox Cleanse Soup
Vegetable Broth & Pepitas

Dinner & Night Cap

Chicken, Herb & Brown Rice Soup
Adaptogenic Golden Milk Latte

For more information on each of the items provided, please visit our Kitchen Market Menu.

Get Started!

1-Day Immune Boost Package | $68

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