One-Day Soup Cleanse

Super Nutrients. Super Results. Super Fast. Souper!

We Do the Work, You Do the Cleanse!

Our Nutritionist-developed soup cleanse is packed with nutrients and gut healing fiber, collagen, gelatin and amino acids. All soups and broths are low in sodium and made in small batches using 100% organic ingredients.




Gas & Bloating

Weight Gain

Acid Reflux

Constipation & Diarrhea

Anxiety & Irritability

After an overindulgent weekend, vacation, or holiday season, or for weight maintenance between our seasonal, 3-Day Detox pickups

How Often?
1-2 days per week

Why It Works?
Cooked food, such as soup, is easy on digestion, thus giving the digestive system a much-needed rest.

What You’ll Gain?
Aside from renewed digestion and feeling nourished, you’ll experience less bloating and more energy. When done consistently, our one-day cleanse can also help with bowel regularity.

Gluten or Dairy Free? Vegetarian/Vegan?
No problem! All of our soups are gluten, dairy and soy free, and we have a vegan cleanse option that replaces our bone broth with homemade adaptogenic vegetable broth!

Highlights of the Cleanse

100% Organic

Low in Sugar & Sodium

High in Fiber

Gluten & Dairy Free

Easily Digested & Gut Healing

Reduces Cravings & Bloating

Nutrient Dense

No Additives or Preservatives

No Artificial Flavors

What's Included

Wake-Up Items

Electrolyte pH-Balancing Drink
Gentle Detox Tea

Breakfast & Snack

Energize Me Breaskfast Soup
Garlic & Ginger Infused Bone Broth

Lunch & Snack

Choice of Cleanse Lunch Soup
Garlic & Ginger Infused Bone Broth

Dinner & Night Cap

Rest & Digest Dinner Soup
Gentle Detox Tea

For more information on each of the items provided, and a list of Cleanse Lunch Soup options, please visit our Kitchen Market Menu.

Get Started!

1-Day Cleanse Package | $69

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