Seasonal 3-Day Detox

Nutritionist-developed, all-inclusive meal program specially curated to restart, rebalance and reenergize.

Why Detox

Each day, you’re exposed to an overload of environmental toxins. In addition, our highly processed Standard American Diet (SAD) has pumped our systems with chemicals and genetically modified ingredients—leaving us tired, cranky, brain fogged, overweight and malnourished.

Detox programs help effectively rid our bodies of these toxic burdens, cleansing the liver and kidneys while giving your body a break from digestion, incoming toxins and inflammatory foods.

Developed by our Nutritionist, our detox floods your body with a mega-dose of whole, real foods, and is a convenient way to easily eliminate toxins, destroy free radicals, and energize your body from the inside out!

Benefits of Seasonal Detoxing

We do the work by preparing all of the food—so there’s no thinking involved! Seasonality is important because your body requires different foods and nutrients at different times of the year to rid itself of harmful toxins and inflammation. Our detoxes are packed with seasonal nutrient-dense foods to alkalize, boost energy, increase fat burn, strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation, reduce cravings and aid digestion. 

The detox includes all meals (pastured chicken bone broth, smoothies, soups, roasted veggies and salad) to support the three critical phases of detoxification, along with Nutritionist guidance throughout. After three days, you’ll feel like a lighter, renewed you!

What’s Included in the Three-Day Program

Meals & Ingredients (Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free)

  • Energizing morning tonics
  • Detox soups
  • Nourished® Pastured Chicken Bone BrothTM
  • Detox salad
  • Detox smoothie ingredients
  • Roasted vegetables with Nourished Detox Seasoning BlendTM
  • Daily Gentle Detox tea
  • Daily grass-fed collagen protein packets

Detox Guidance

  • Introduction to proper phases of detoxing
  • Whole-body detox tips & guidelines
  • Three-day detailed menu & food guide
  • Nutritionist Q&A availability during detox pick-up
  • Phone call check-in from Nutritionist on day two
  • Email support during three-day program

Nourished Leaf




Organic & Non-GMO
No Antibiotics or Hormones
Wild-caught & Sustainable
Fresh, Local & Seasonal

How It Works

Our soups, smoothies and salads are made in small batches and in limited quantities. Therefore, your spot in our seasonal detox must be booked and paid for in advance. Sign up is first come, first serve.  

Once registered, our Nutritionist will email detox preparation instructions a week before your scheduled pick-up date. For the best experience, and to maximize your results, we recommend that you wean off alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and sugar at this time.

For your convenience, pick-up on your scheduled date is any time between 8:00 and 10:30am. During this time, supplemental detox items are available for purchase including our Detox Aromatherapy line. You’ll also have access to our Nutritionist for any questions; however, all detailed instructions and guidelines are part of the detox kit you leave with for those individuals who need to be in and out.  Your detox kit includes all meals/ingredients needed for the three-day program.

Our Nutritionist is available via email for support during your detox, and will call on day two to check in on your experience.

DISCLOSURE: Extreme dietary changes and detoxification are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, children, and those with a serious past or present medical condition. Consult with your physician before starting any program. Dietary needs and restrictions are unique to the individual, who is ultimately responsible for all decisions pertaining to his or her health.

Pick-Up Dates

Tuesday, May 19

Nourished Table & Home

What People Are Saying

  • “Thanks for providing me the opportunity to really focus on cleansing by taking all the guess work and prep out of it. I will be doing the fall detox for sure!”

    Lisa B.
  • “The detox went really well! It was so nice not to have to worry about prepping any food. The soups were delicious and that was the best tasting bone broth I have eaten!”

    Ann P.
  • “The detox was great. You all did a fantastic job at explaining, prepping, and executing. Everything was tasty and filling, and I have recommended this to friends. My boyfriend wants to try with me next time around. Thanks again. Tell your chefs bravo!”

    Lisa H.

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