Six Week Program

Thyroid & Hormone Reset

Nourish the mind and body to boost the metabolism, balance energy and mood, improve fertility, regulate periods and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Benefits of this Program

This is for you if you have painful or irregular periods, thyroid problems, mood swings, cravings, constant hunger, hot flashes or insomnia. You will learn foods to eat and chemicals to avoid, and habits and aromatherapy techniques to implement in order to achieve total body balance.

What’s Included

  1. One 90-minute, in-person nutrition consultation (phone, Facetime or Skype upon request)
  2. Two 30-minute follow-up consultations (phone, Facetime or Skype, weeks 3 & 6)
  3. One 60-minute guided grocery shop + Nourished® canvas shopping tote
  4. One 90-minute lunch & learn class (use within the time frame of the program)
  5. One Ancient Minerals® magnesium oil + one bottle of fish oil
  6. Five-day meal plan + simple recipes for hormonal balance (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  7. One 30-minute custom aroma consult + custom inhaler
  8. Handouts and reference guides to educate and motivate
  9. Email support throughout the program
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Thyroid & Hormone Reset

6 Weeks | $850

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How It  Works

Phase 1


  • Review of health history, timeline + current symptoms
  • Three-day food journal review for intake, preferences, habits + schedule
  • Lifestyle: sleep habits, stress levels, exercise regime, etc.
  • Discuss health goals
Phase 2


  • Different types of hormones and their role within the body
  • Endocrine disruptors 101 – foods + chemicals that contribute to hormonal imbalance
  • Inflammation, gut health + the liver’s role in hormone balance
  • Role of stress and sleep on the hormones
  • The biggest sabotager and most important nutrient for hormone balance
Phase 3

Devise a Plan

  • Specific foods that balance the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and reproductive organs
  • Caffeine-free energizers
  • Blood-sugar-balancing meal + snack suggestions
  • Easy, approachable stress relieving techniques
  • Top essential oils for mood, energy, craving control + hormone balance
Phase 4

Guided Grocery

  • Pantry staples + trusted brands
  • Cleaner ingredients + healthier swaps
  • How to read + understand labels
  • Hormone-sabotaging ingredients to avoid
  • Anti-inflammatory snack options
Phase 5

Lunch & Learn

  • In-depth nutrition education based on the topic you select
  • Delicious seasonal, plant-based meal provided 
  • Handouts + guides relevant to the class topic
Phase 6

Motivation & Accountability

  • Weekly check-ins regarding progress + new challenges
  • New tips, hacks + modifications
  • Motivation + encouragement to continue with your new health habits

Ready to Get  Started?

After registering over the phone, we’ll email you an intake form to be completed and returned via email or in-person. This helps us clearly understand your goals and objectives before we start.

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Remote consultations available via Skype or Facetime.