Superfood Smoothies

Nutrient-dense, blend-at-home smoothies that are ready in 30 seconds. 

We Make It, You Blend It!

Uniquely formulated by our Nutritionist and Wellness Chef, each of our superfood smoothies targets specific health benefits. These convenient, blend-at-home smoothies taste great, and are sold frozen for more nutrients, better flavor and guaranteed freshness to make healthy eating easy!



100% Organic Ingredients

Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free

No Added Sugar or Preservatives

9g Grass-Fed Collagen

Up To 20 Billion CFU Probiotics

Complete Meal Replacement

Ready-to-Blend Smoothies

Perfectly Portioned & Ready in Seconds.

Smoothie Step 1


Remove frozen cubes from pouch and transfer to blender.

Smoothie Step 2


Add liquid base as specified on package (i.e. nut milk or water).

Smoothie Step 3


Blend to desired consistency, adding more liquid if needed.

Smoothie Step 4


Pour into cup, add any toppings at home (optional) and enjoy!

Smoothie Varieties

Immune Booster

acai + blueberry + purple cabbage

Fights colds & flu
Cancer fighting
Pre & post surgery
Eases seasonal allergies

Detoxify & Repair Smoothie

Detoxify & Repair

green apple + celery + lemon

Liver cleansing
Fights sugar cravings
Promotes weight loss

Inflammation Fighter Smoothie

Inflammation Fighter

pineapple + ginger + turmeric

Reduces acidity in the body
Alleviates joint pain & inflammation
Recovery from illness & injury
Autoimmune support

Fat Burner Smoothie

Fat Burner

cacao + MCT oil + maca

Revs the metabolism
Supports weight loss
Promotes lean, toned muscles
Post-workout fuel

Superfood Smoothie - Beauty & Balance

Beauty & Balance

strawberry + cauliflower + avocado

Healthier skin tone
Strengthens hair & nails
Balances hormones

Energizer Smoothie


pear + spinach + matcha green tea

Awakens & energizes
Increases focus & concentration
Green tea antioxidants
Pre-workout fuel

Smooth Move Smoothie

Smooth Move

cranberry + vanilla + flaxseed

High fiber
Alleviates constipation
Promotes bowel regularity
Decreases bloating

Kids Smart Start Smoothie

Kids’ Smart Start

dark chocolate + banana + cauliflower

Balances mood
Increases focus
Essential nutrients for growth
Appropriate for ages 2 years+

Start Sipping!

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$10 each