Skip the Hot Chocolate: Warm Up with THESE Beverages

From Peppermint Hot Chocolate and White Mochas to Gingerbread and Eggnog Lattes, the winter selection at your local coffee shop may be exciting, but it is FAR from healthy. Packing in an average of 50 grams of sugar (or MORE!) per 16 ounces, plus natural and artificial flavors, thickeners, GMOs, caramel color and high fructose corn syrup, most of these specialty coffee drinks are inflammatory, and kick up cravings, promote weight gain and suppress immunity.


Say goodbye to aches and pain, puffiness and sugar cravings as well as energy and mood swings and insomnia—warm up with these healthy beverages instead:

  1. Organic Herbal Tea – herbal teas contain calming and anti-inflammatory properties that support digestion and boost the metabolism, all while fighting bloating; cold and flu; and infection. They are also caffeine-free, thus better for sleep and stress management.

Our 5 varieties of organic, health-supportive herbal tea blends (Belly Bliss, Calm & Rest, Gentle Detox, Smooth Move and Turmeric Chai) are available for purchase in 8 oz. bags to steep at home. Out and about? We also offer 10-ounce cups to go—great for immediate sipping, especially when paired with our popular Protein Breakfast Round!

  1. Bone Broth – rich in collagen, gelatin, minerals and amino acids (protein), bone broth is the #1 gut healer that also curbs hunger and cravings; fights fine lines and wrinkles; strengthens the bones, joints and tendons; promotes weight loss; and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Plus, our bone broth is made with kombu which provides thyroid-enhancing iodine!

Made with 100% organic ingredients, our Traditional Pastured Chicken Bone Broth is available hot for purchase in frozen quarts (32 oz.). Our popular ready-to-drink Garlic & Ginger Infused option is available in pints (16 oz.), and we are now offering 10 oz. infused cups to go with a monthly flavor rotation. For December, we are featuring Astragalus & Parsley Root Bone Both—great for rebalancing the hormones, beating belly bloat and supporting the adrenals!

  1. Adaptogenic Vegetable Broth – made with seasonal vegetables, herbs and adaptogenic reishi mushrooms, this flavorful sipper is a nice vegan alternative to our homemade bone broth. Plus, it packs an immune-boosting, hormone balancing and cancer-fighting punch!

Available for purchase in 16 oz. pints, we also offer a vegan option for our One-Day Soup Cleanse and 3-Day Detox Program (coming up on January 11thregister HERE today!) that features this healing broth in place of our bone broth.

  1. Organic Antioxidant Coffee – if you are a coffee lover who is hooked on Starbucks®, Dunkin Donuts® or the like, it is time to make an upgrade. Not only is coffee one of the most heavily-sprayed (and chemical-laden) crops, but it is also highly acidic and a top source of mold.

Our Organic Kitchen Market offers ground and whole bean coffee that is USDA certified organic, mycotoxin-free (no mold), low in acidity and antioxidant-rich. Easy on the stomach, this breakfast blend is better tolerated by those who are caffeine sensitive and/or struggling with acid reflux, heartburn or GERD.

  1. Green Tea – packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, this moderately caffeinated beverage also contains l-theanine, an amino acid that promotes a more balanced, sustainable buzz. Great for boosting energy, the catechins in green tea also increase fat burn and support weight loss.

Warm up with a mug of steeped organic green tea or, even better, a matcha latte—this Nourished-favorite drink is hormone balancing, mood boosting, detoxifying and anti-aging. Bonus: add a squeeze of fresh lemon. This simple pairing can increase the absorption of green tea’s antioxidants by up to 5 times!

Miss our seasonal lattes? Good news: we are now taking special orders of our Adaptogenic Hot Cacao, Matcha and Golden Milk Lattes, and coffee-based Dirty Chai, Peppermint Mocha and Lavender Vanilla Cafe Lattes. Call 630.You.Well (968.9355) to order Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm! Want to learn more about fighting inflammation? Sign up for our Anti-Inflammatory Wellness Workshop on Tuesday, January 18th!

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